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Data Protection and Privacy

Our lawyers have extensive experience and expertise in advising on all regulatory issues arising under Azerbaijani data protection and privacy laws. Our experience also extends to providing legal support for companies engaged in e-commerce, including commercial contracting and compliance with relevant e-commerce and data protection laws and regulations.

Our Data Protection services include:

  • Assessment of risks relating to non-compliance with data protection laws;
  • Preparing local corporate policies and regulations on personal data processing, consents, and privacy notices;
  • Advising on requirements applicable to companies implementing programs to employees that involve personal data processing, such as email monitoring, whistleblowing, etc.;
  • Advising on legal requirements on cross-border transfers of personal data;
  • Advising international clients as to requirements and restrictions with regard to collection, processing and disclosing information to third parties, such as banking secrecy, healthcare information and legal privilege;
  • Advising on the consequences and risks for breach of the laws on personal data in the case of unauthorized disclosures and leakage of data;
  • Assessment of risks relating to non-compliance with data protection laws.

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